Professional Sports Activity and Honors

Parisa Farshidi born in October 1990 in Tehran, Iran, an Iranian Taekwondo athlete member of Iran national Taekwondo team for 10 years.
She Participated in World junior Championships in Vietnam 2006.

She invited to Iran seniors national team in 2008 and she was member of senior national team until 2016.

Parisa won a Silver medal in Asian Games China 2010 , She was the first Iranian female athlete to reach the finals of the Asian Games after 30 years.

Farshidi won a Bronze medal in Asian Championships in Kazakhstan and after three years in 2013, the Islamic Solidarity Games were held in Indonesia and Parisa won a bronze medal.
In 2011 World championships in Korea Parisa lost to Russia in a hard and very close fight ( in Golden point).

She won gold medals in international competitions for Iran in seven times.

Her last competition for Iran was in 2016 (Asian clubs championship) in United Arab Emirates and she won a Gold medal.

She continued her career in Germany and participated in international competitions.
She won a Silver medal in Park Pokal cup 2019 in Stuttgart.

Educational and Career objectives

She has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Tehran Azad University.

She also works in the field of Taekwondo Coaching and Fitness and Personal Training.

Farshidi has also taken fitness training courses professionally.

She has been a coach in one of the best clubs in Tehran for five years.

Parisa trained several professional taekwondo players for the Asian and World Championships(Includes specialized taekwondo exercises as well as power and Conditioning exercises)

She immigrated to Germany in 2019 and lives in Berlin.

In Berlin She works as a taekwondo instructor and coach and also fitness and personal trainer.

She teaches Taekwondo to children aged 5 to 11 at the Elite Berlin Taekwondo Club.

Her husband ( Kasra Mehdipournejad) is also a professional taekwondo fighter, and her specialized training for the 2019 World Championships in Manchester and the Tokyo Olympics Games qualification was performed by Parisa.

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born on 22.10.1990, Iran TaekwondoData Person-ID: 15600G


  • 6 registered fights, fighter won 1 out of them. That’s a rate of 16.7%
  • 17 hitpoints distributed and 22 collected during fights.
  • Won 0 golden point(s) and lost 0.
  • Participated at 7 tournaments, 7 with international and 0 with national valuation.

* These data may not be used to assessing an athlete, as the level of the tournament (national / international, etc.) is not considered. Calculated on the basis of all available data.


Career Ranking

livetime ranking of all international fighters
Parisa is on place 3.210 with 66 points.

Saison Ranking

Ranking calculated: 18.11.2020 00:19:15

Categorie Weightclass Ranking Points
senior female -57 0.061
senior female -62 0.147
senior female -67 0.114
senior female -73 0.028
senior female +73 0.001

Medal count

gold silver bronze PAR
World Championships 2 2
Continental Tournaments 1 1 1 3
Open Tournaments 1 1 2


Results international

result year tournament city weight category
PAR 2006 World Championships Vietnam -63 youth international 5.00 0
silver 2. 2009 Fajr Open Teheran -72 senior international 5.00 0
bronze 3. 2010 Asian Championships Astana -67 senior international 10.00 0
silver 2. 2010 Asian Games Guangzhou -67 senior international 20.00 3
PAR 2011 World Championships Gyeongju -67 senior international 10.00 0
gold 1. 2012 Fajr Open Teheran -62 senior international 7.00 0
PAR 2014 Asian Championships Tashkent -62 senior international 6.00 0

Rivals and results

Rivals and results international

winner points looser


World Championships, Vietnam
-63 youth
Trainer / Coaches:
SHIN, Dong-Sun (Headcoach)
ZARE, Neda (coach)
1/16-Finale IVANOVIC, Jovana 1 : 0 FARSHIDI, Parisa


Fajr Open, Teheran
-72 senior
1/01-Finale TAGHAVI, Mahsa unknown FARSHIDI, Parisa


Asian Games, Guangzhou
-67 senior
Trainer / Coaches:
AZARMEHR, Maryam (Headcoach)
MADDAH, Minoo (coach)
1/02-Finale FARSHIDI, Parisa 4 : 3 AITMUKHAMBETOVA, Gulnafis
1/01-Finale GUO, Yunfei 4 : 2 FARSHIDI, Parisa


World Championships, Gyeongju
-67 senior
Trainer / Coaches:
JANG, Jong Youl (Headcoach)
1/16-Finale POTAPOVA, Alexandra 1 : 0 FARSHIDI, Parisa


Asian Championships, Tashkent
-62 senior
Trainer / Coaches:
TAGHIPOUR TEHRANI, Parvaneh Mohammad (coach)
MADDAH, Minoo (Headcoach)
1/04-Finale KURASA, Rungrawee 13 : 11 FARSHIDI, Parisa